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Sex Coaching

Looks Service Comment (from The Review Board)

 "10 out of 10."

"Now THIS is a 10."

"Believe the photos, gents." (from The Review Board)

“Before working with Amber my sexual issues and repression were so severe i was never able to consummate a relationship with a woman. In fact I avoided women and dating so as not to embarrass myself or put myself in an awkward situation. Dont get my wrong, i was an attractive young man and had attractive women who wanted to date me and have sex with me. I was just so sexually repressed from my religious background and so insecure and inexperienced sexually and had so much performance anxiety it just never happened for me.


When i finally got married in my 30s we thought the issue would just resolve on its own and i thought my gorgeous and sexually experienced wife would be able to seduce me and teach me what i needed to know. Unfortunately that did not happen and my wife ended up being demanding and resentful and we had a very unhappy and unconsummated marriage for over 20 years!


After she died of cancer at a young age i decided to finally do something to address my sexual and self esteem issues which had been exacerbated in my marriage. That is when I found Amber and her incredible work and took responsibility for my sexual issues and committed to working on them.


What i realized is that my issues were not just about sex. They were about my insecurity and confidence issues and working on this has led me on an incredible journey of personal growth and self actualization in every area of my life. My life is so much richer and fuller and more exciting and adventurous now than I could have even imagined before working with Amber. In the process I found my calling and life purpose and myself.


I am also happy to report that i now have a full and rich and deep sex life that is an important part of my spiritual path and personal growth. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't decided to commit to this  journey and healing and work with Amber and I don't want to. It’s sad to think of all the men out there who use porn as a replacement for a real sexual and spiritual relationship.


If you're on the fence about working with Amber and investing in this area of your life I can tell you without reservation it's worth it 100 times over and as long as you are willing to take responsibility and do your part you won't be disappointed in the results.” J.M., author, investor and public figure, Asheville, NC

"I came to Amber seeking help with erectile dysfunction which had plagued me throughout my life.  I wanted to solve that issue so that if the opportunity to date and begin a new relationship came up, I could show up in a confident and secure way. What I received from Amber St. Germain’s coaching and course work was much more than that.

Amber got me to understand that sex is much more than function and performance and that much of my dysfunction came from my assumptions of negative societal norms including shame, guilt and unrealistic and idealized fantasy.  I was introduced to the tantric view of sex which emphasizes pleasure and spiritual connection combined with practical rituals and protocols about sensual energy generation and conservation.  She also identified my reliance on porn as a key factor in my inability to maintain an erection and be present, relax into and fully enjoy the sensual experience.

Amber also turned me on to the healing power of family constellation work.  Family constellation therapy focuses on identifying key traumatic incidents in your family history and connecting them to your current behaviors. The dynamics of your current family interactions may well be the product of generations of unexamined and unresolved pain that keeps repeating itself over time.  We are not conscious of the strong hold this unresolved trauma has on our lives.  For me, identifying the disruptive events of my own and my wife’s family truly accelerated my healing overall and had an extremely positive effect on my sexual issues.

Make no mistake: this work can be challenging and difficult, but Amber is with you every step of the way and the results are transformative and completely worth it. I am honored to recommend her work without hesitation or reservation." C.M., Banking, Charlotte

"Amber is the best. She is the gold standard in coaching. She blows away any experience I have ever had with any coach before who unfortunately usually lack the kind of authenticity and connection that Amber offers. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her except that i would prefer to keep her all to myself." S.V., Finance

"Amber is an amazing woman, sexy as hell, and gave me one of the most amazing sensual experiences of my life- one utterly unlike anything I had had before. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Amber's pictures on her site don't show her face, but I have a feeling that even if they did, it wouldn't do her justice. She is one of those women whose appearance in person gives an experience that a picture just cannot.


She is certainly quite pretty, a natural redhead with classically Irish complexion, but something about her personality shows through when you see her in a way that is a little hard to explain. She's a real woman and one who is completely comfortable with her sensuality... Her body is strong but feminine... it was amazing and really did feel like a spiritual experience. It was really one of the most wonderful experiences of my life...She is an amazing woman, and I loved every minute I spent with her." (Excerpt from Redbook Review Board)- I.B. Investment Management

"Amber- Thank you for an amazing evening! I had one of the best experiences of my life.  Can't wait to see you again!" - H.L., DC Finance

"Yesterday was the best experience i have ever had. I have finally found what i have been looking for all this time." - K.N., Tech Industry

"I just wanted to write and thank you again for our time together.  I am still smiling when I think about it and you. Go ahead and feel a little smug.  You're wonderfully talented at what you specialize in, very beautiful, so feminine in your every movement, and a pleasure to be with.  I'm looking at things in a new way after our time together. Thanks for making my life experience richer." J.S., Tech Industry

“I've never seen my wife enjoy herself so much!” D.M. Nashville, Sales

“My wife and I met Amber and Chris a couple of years ago in San Francisco. The experience exceeded our expectations and it truly improved our relationship. When you have been married as long as we have that is quite a compliment to Amber and Chris and their work with couples.” - M.D., San Francisco

“The experience that Amber and Chris facilitated for me and my partner had a profound impact on our relationship and sex life. With their guiding i feel like i was able to slow down and for the first time really look at and touch a woman and learn how to please my girlfriend more fully.” DC, Military

“Amber and Chris are master coaches, teachers and practitioners. They did a masterful job of every detail about our experience. They pay attention when you talk, hear and onboards what you say. They crafted the experience around us, and the small touches were recognized. Meditations, breathing, and playful energy building were engaging and fun. They created an atmosphere of pure sensuality and indulgence, and made us feel 100% at ease and comfortable, and ready to learn. We will absolutely be keeping in touch with Amber and Chris.” - C.S. and J.S., Raleigh Tech 


“My wife discovered new sensations, new areas that felt amazing she had never noticed before. She found her voice in being able to direct me to what felt good. Watching you on the table she said was actually incredibly beneficial, and she found that it "gave her permission."  We were both completely at ease with the entire weekend, despite our anxiety walking in. You two did an absolutely masterful job of creating comfort, atmosphere, chemistry, and energy that built and crested through the weekend. We agreed this was something we would love to do again even regularly.”

— PT, Charlotte

“We have felt a sense of calming euphoria since Saturday, that has persisted strongly all the way through this Tuesday afternoon. We have felt aligned, connected, and in step with each other almost inexplicably. It has been wonderful.


Our senses have remained heightened. Going on walks here, smelling coffee in the morning, gentle touches we give each other throughout the day. All of this has been elevated. We are going to work very hard to maintain this, as it has been very intoxicating. I personally have felt a constant state of arousal. It has not waned at all, and has been there, just under the surface even in my day to day. This is all just the afterglow of everything from this past weekend retreat with you two. 

...Immediately after her session, she talked about being 100% completely in the moment, and completely in tune with everything, every touch, sensation, energy and the like. She’d never felt so much pleasure or even knew it was possible. However, she updated her sentiment after my session. She said, ya know....I thought I had completely let go during my session, but I realized I hadn't. I really let go during your session. 


Prior to our weekend, she has a girlfriend whom she said it might be fun to do this couples retreat with. Then, after her session, I asked her again. Now that you’ve done it, and you know what is involved, would you still do this? and she said, Oh yeah, definitely." - C.S. and J.S., Raleigh Tech 

"Tonight was amazing and you two are amazing. I learned so much already and am inspired to heal. You were so personable, made us both feel so comfortable right away, the flow was natural and inviting; it was just all around a wonderful experience. Just wanted to say thank you again." San Diego, Tech industry

“I met my husband 20 years ago at a Christian College. I was shut down sexually as a result of growing up in the purity movement where if a woman has any sexual experience she is taught to think of herself as used trash. I was always a good christian and wife and have never been with anyone except my husband. However, the conditioning of the purity movement along with the stress of having 3 children, one of which has down syndrome, had taken its toll on my sex drive and our marriage. My husband was saying he wanted an open marriage if we didn't do something about our sex life. I'm so glad I found Amber. Our work with her has saved our marriage! My husband didn't want to see a therapist but what Amber offers is so fun and unique he agreed to see her after the 3 of us spoke at length over zoom.


We made arrangements to visit Asheville for the weekend for a couple’s retreat with Amber. We knew this was something worth trying and splurging on. Since working with Amber ive been able to experience full body orgasm and multiple orgasms for the first time in my life! I actually cried after making love with my husband the other day and told him I want my children to be able to experience this! Just yesterday I told him that I didn't know I could feel this good! I'm so grateful to have met and worked with Amber and finally to be able to release the shame and guilt and to not pass it on to our children! Working with Amber I felt comfortable with her the whole time and there was just the right amount of challenge.” -M.M. Nashville, Mom of 3


"I want to say thank you again for our time together. It slowed me down and has left this pool of bliss just beneath the surface. Waiting there for the smallest provocation. Ready to delight and tease and draw it out and make it hot for her. And better able to tap into that bliss without the craving.(Which so greatly pleased my wife, and left her broadly smiling. Happy and loved.) I've been thinking about women in your line of work.  So much courage, vision and purpose. The world is better because of it. So, from men everywhere: much love and adoring thanks. One day, we'll be as strong as you are now." - J.L. Clean Energy Finance

"I believe the other night was the first real sensual experience I have had.  It wasn't packaged behind other things or hidden behind other intentions. Thinking back, most experiences i have had was sort of like looking at the sun ... you didn't want to look right at it.  It was easier for everybody involved to not face it straight on. Reveals to me just how important a role a woman like you can play in a man's life. I have no doubt that i will be a better force for all future partners.  But, most of all, those times that i got lost in the sensations and camaraderie were really priceless. As you ascertained i am a cerebral guy and i don't get lost too often. Given half a reason, my conscious mind will grab control. So, in summary, this was a very powerful experience for me.  I will probably be able to recall many of the details for the entirety of my life. You are an incredible force, unbelievably open and free and i am very thankful that i have the opportunity to experience that! I suspect that a second experience with you may be even better."

- B.F., Tech Industry

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