Melissa St. Mari

Your Secret Heaven 

Extraordinary Companion & Upscale Sensual Massage
Men's Sexual Mastery Coaching
Live Video Sessions & Masterclasses 

 "The Eternal Feminine draws us upward."

- Goethe 

Working from home? Take a break and

boost your health and vitality 

with Sexual Mastery Practices.

I’ve studied and practiced Tantric and Taoist sexual practices for over a decade.   I’ve been featured in books and videos on Tantra and sensual massage and even written a book of my own. 

I offer Upscale Sensual Massage, Luxury Tantra Massage, and Courtesan Escort Companionship. 

Below is a 2 minute video of me.
Please give it a few seconds to load, it's worth the wait!!!!

Are you a connoisseur and appreciate the finer things in life? 

Are you discriminating when it comes to sensual companionship? 

Are you ambitious and successful yet believe in slowing down to enjoy life and smell the roses now and then? 

Then you and I may just be a match made in heaven!

In Person Sessions

In person sessions are currently available to clients who have 

filled out (preferred) or at least read my Screening Form and have sent me the requested screening verification. 


The button below will take you to a mobile friendly screening and booking form where you can choose the type of experience you would like and your preferred dates.


The form lists all of my offerings, descriptions, rates and you'll see many more sexy photos as you fill it out! It is much faster and simpler than screening by phone or by e-mail and privacy 

is paramount to me! The results go to my encrypted Safe Office email for my eyes only!


Be assured that hygiene is very important to me. I clean and disinfect my incall sanctuary throughly and maintain very high standards of hygiene to ensure our safety.

I believe in Quality Over quantity and am VERY selective about who i see which provides more safety for you and your family. 

I have gracious manners, charm, and a way of putting people at ease around me. ​ I’m an all natural rare gorgeous redhead. Like unicorns, we are infamously sensitive and passionate by nature. My background as a dancer gives me a dancer's body and a graceful way of moving that people often comment on. I’m a modern woman but also a traditional romantic.


I have a graduate degree in psychology, have traveled a good amount of the world and love to travel, and have an insatiable appetite for learning as well as sensual pleasures. 

Let me lavish you with adoration and affection.
I can take you higher!

"Those who have never fallen in love at first sight have never met Melissa." - A recent email from a client in Charlotte, NC

I have a private incall sanctuary in Asheville and I offer outcall to Charlotte, Atlanta and surrounding areas, Greenville, Columbia, Greensboro/Winston Salem, Raleigh/Durham and Charleston, most of NC, SC and Georgia or FLY ME TO YOU!

I offer 3-5 session Adept Tantra Trainings,

Half and Full Day Off The Clock Companionship Experiences, Overnights, Ultimate Weekend Companionship and Weekend Adept Tantra Trainings.(Also available during the week) 

What's in the VIP Room? 

Very sensual and erotic photos of me and several articles I have written on the subject of Sexual Mastery and Tantric Techniques. Reading these articles will ensure you will get the most out of our time together!

I will give you the password to the VIP Room once receive your deposit in advance.

I would like to give you something dear,

that makes you my intimate confidante:

to give you a thought of you out of my day

and a dream from my night.

I want to see us blessed

and may you release from my hands,

like a treasure, the tenderness

that you never knew how to long for.

~ Rilke