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“I took this exquisite woman with me to Napa for the weekend to meet some of my business partners for dinner at a Michelin three star restaurant. (There are ten in the United States, and I've dined at five of them.) It was an important business function, and since I'm recently divorced, I really needed the perfect date to show my partners I wasn't some loser! I am so happy to report that Amber helped make the evening a smashing success in every way. Besides the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous and always dressed in a sexy but classy and discreet way, she is gifted at connecting with people and literally dazzled the entire table. To be honest, I was apprehensive about the older women at the table getting jealous, but they all fell in love with her graceful, open-hearted nature, her warm laugh and southern hospitality, and her intelligent demeanor and conversation.


Plus, you can't imagine the feeling of pride when we walked in, and she literally turned every head. With her on your arm, anyone would believe that you could close any deal. Plus, we had a spectacularly blissful weekend together afterwards – made perfect by staying at one of the top resorts with a spa and luxury amenities. Amber combines intelligence with beauty and refined sensuality, and was thus able to insure a successful business social event with the side benefit of an intensely fun getaway. I wholeheartedly recommend Amber to any executive with discerning taste in companionship... and who want some serious sensual adrenaline to boot.”

- J.D., Venture Capitalist

"Last night was a very special, unique experience.  You taught me a lot; thank you. (Looking forward to more.)  One particular surprise was how much energy I felt all evening. :)"

- D.F. Tech Marketing

"She's a sexy Goddess! She embodies divine feminine. She teaches me deep secrets without words. She draws me into deep mysteries of Love. Here is an inspiration for my heart to open and my mind to relax. Her inner Child of sweet innocence takes me from my fears and inhibitions to play in a world of freedoms. Her potent Priestess reminds me that love lights all darkness invoking courage to make necessary changes manifest. This muse plays a harp of my heartstrings. It's music forever leading me to freer ways of being of relating of feeling and of surrendering to love. Any and all who have the privilege of spending time with her are truly blessed! I truly see how she is doing her part in co-creating Heaven on Earth."

"Amber is an extraordinarily beautiful woman inside and out with a gift for making every moment with her magical and unforgettable. She possesses unparalleled grace and charm. She is an elegant and refined woman of exceptional taste and quality. She is guaranteed to be a stellar guide to all earthly and heavenly delights. Amber is a true "Southern Belle" who knows the arts of conversation and subtlety as well as etiquette and femininity."

"Amber is an incredible goddess. She is a true healer, and has an amazing gift of opening up people around her. Her patience is deep, and her love is strong. She is a pixie, a teacher, a goddess, a priestess. She is devoted to her arts, and dedicated to her passions. She is a being I hold in very high regard. I have been truly blessed to have her in my life as long as I have. She is one of my favorite people. I pray that those she touches in her life realize her for who she is, and love her for it. I respect her very much for her dedication to helping others heal themselves and learn to receive love in their lives. With deep bows of love and respect." 

"I have had the pleasure of visiting her 2 times in the past... Can't get her out of my mind...Need desperately to see her again..."  (The Review Board)

"Amber is the 'real thing' and so is not a provider but rather a practitioner of sacred healing arts. I know this sounds like mincing words, but those of us who offer to share our hearts and minds in our practice really do see a difference. A provider sells wares or services, a practitioner is one who 'practices' his/her spiritual path (as in a practitioner of Buddhism, a practitioner of Tantra, a practitioner of healing arts, as in a doctor has a 'practice'). She will love you more if you show up knowing and respecting the difference. This is NOT a slam on the ladies and gents who use the term 'provider', rather a distinction in motives and outcome. You cannot buy any sexual activity from a tantra priestess (as some of you may have discovered)." (from TRB)

"She has no fear but yet she teaches in such a loving way." 

These are emails I have received: 

"Thank you for our time together. I couldn’t have wished for a nicer woman to be with, and to learn from. I felt very honored to be with you. I think you are a fabulous woman, sensitive, caring, and very beautiful. I was in a state of shock when you first walked into the room. You looked so lovely." 

"Thank you Goddess for the wonderful time this afternoon. I'm so glad to have met you. You have a beautiful energy, and have shown me so much in just one day." 

"I wanted you to know that our time together still surrounds me like a sweet bouquet of beautiful flowers. It was so important and has clearly resulted in a significant shift in my psyche."  

"Thank you so very much for allowing me into your life for a short time. I was awed by your kindness and caring. I will be thinking of our time for a long while." 

"Wanted to follow up on our session last week and let you know that you where great. As I mentioned I had no expectation going in and was very even kind of nervous. Your confidence and focus during the session made me feel comfortable right away. I was touched by how mature and open a person you are despite your tender  years. All and all I feel that what you are doing is very worthwhile and positive, so thank you! I was jazzed up all weekend long, and am still feeling like my energy is strengthened." 

"Our session was exquisite. As are you. I thank Universe for inspiring me to journey up to Seattle so that I could meet you. I can still feel the lingering energy of you, and your beautiful heart, from our time together." 

"I just wanted to thank you...I feel more relaxed...

I really enjoyed your directness...I will see you again."

"Thank you so much for sharing last Friday...I feel such calm and bliss after our sessions. You are so giving and I appreciate it very much." 

"A true Deva (shining one) and a pure bliss being. It is an honor to know this beautiful goddess. In Amber's presence, hearts open, energy awakens, and spirits dance."

"Amber is heaven on earth, a true goddess incarnate Dakini... Live the life you love and love the life you live!"

"A powerful human, a wise Goddess and a skillful mover of Shakti. She has pure light that comes from her. She is kind and warm. Her heart is so open. A simply wonderful Tantrica and a divine woman."

"She lifted my spirits to know that there are still women on this planet who want love and to be loved."

"Amber is a beautiful being of light. Looking into her eyes is like looking into the Goddess herself."

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