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Live Video Sessions

Private Secure Zoom Calls
Focused on Sexual Confidence and Mastery One On One 

What happens in
a video session? 


Just like in person, I dress up and look my best for you! I get to know you and your desires, goals and challenges. Then I lead you in some playful sensual meditation practices. Just like in person I do a strip tease and dance for you. I teach you self pleasuring practices to ride the edge and learn to experience full body Os  and multiple Os. To become multi-orgasmic as a man means you are able to orgasm multiple times before having a release. This is totally possible for you to master in my Embody Your King Sexual Mastery and Confidence Coaching Course and great for keeping you youthful, building charisma and even reversing prostate and sex or erection issues! We can also explore if my Coaching course or another offering would be a good fit for you to

continue your sexual mastery journey.

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What happens in a Sexual Confidence Course?

I work one on one with ambitious men with my Men’s Sexual Mastery Course to increase energy, confidence and magnetism to become irresistible to women, attract the right women, and have more success including making more money. I tailor the course to your specific desires, needs and goals. I listen to you compassionately and guide you to where you desire to go and to what you desire to experience without judgement. 


I guarantee in just 12 weeks you will have Ejaculatory Choice and be able to experience full body orgasm before ejaculating and understand how to help any woman become multi-orgasmic which means you will become a master lover if you do the work and practice what i teach you


Now is the time to master your sexual energy so that you can have more health, vitality, virility and longevity for the rest of your life and never have to worry about performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or prostate issues ever again! 


Your sexual energy is your life force energy. Your sexual confidence and embodied charisma affect every other area of your life because how you do sex and relationships is how you do everything else in life. Your sexuality is central to your sense of self and your self confidence as a man. Personal growth in this area will positively impact

all areas of your life!


As a Tantra Teacher, Clinical Psychotherapist (MA MFT), and  Sex Therapist/ Somatic Sexologist, I have been featured in educational books and videos on tantra and sensual massage and written several books of my own including “How to Reach Your Full Ecstatic and Orgasmic Potential and The Heart-Centered Player.” I’ve been certified in and initiated into multiple schools of tantra including Sri-Vidya Tantra as well as multiple forms of energy healing. I'm also an ethical and spiritual person, a Christian Mystic and practicing Buddhist!  

Embody Your King And Claim Your Sexual Power! 


Let's get to know each other and see if we are a good fit to get together in person or for a VIP experience or Sexual Confidence Course. 

60-90 mins - $375 (minimum $100 deposit)


This course can include optional VIP Days and Master Classes In Person to Master Your Sexual Energy, Help Any Woman Become Multi-Orgasmic, and Master Tantra! This is the Cream De La Cream of what I teach and the Gold Standard. Welcome to your next level of confidence and mastery. 

This course includes live video calls with me tailored to your desires, needs and goals as well as exclusive private video content of yours truly and written course material created by me and guaranteed to help you achieve sexual confidence and mastery and your next level of success in relationships, work and life. 


~ 3, 500 Investment in yourself and your Mastery ( $4,500 value, current special) 


~ 3, 500 Investment in yourself and your Mastery (Both for 7k- Recommended, 9k value, current special)

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