Good Manners, Kindness and Generosity go far with me...

Please take the time to read over everything on my website so our correspondence and time together will go smoother and be more pleasurable.

Things to do:


My Screening  process is very thorough - particularly now. Be assured that I screen everyone I see very carefully. If you have questions about hygiene protocols I use in my work, please ask.

  • DEPOSIT- Be prepared to give me $100 via Venmo @secretheaven or Amazon gift card to my email. The deposit is non-refundable but can be applied to a future experience within 6 months.  

  • VIP ROOM- After I receive your deposit, I will give you the password to the VIP room that is here on the site which has more risque photos of me and brief articles I've written on tantra to help you prepare for our time together. You may want to read the Tantra 101 articles before we meet. 

    Please treat me as you would treat an MD or any other professional. I have a graduate degree in Psychology (MFT), I am a Somatic Sexologist (Sex Therapist) and Sex and Relationship Coach online. I have been studying Tantric Practices for over 15 years.


  • If a cancellation is made after our appointment is confirmed, you will be expected to pay a $100 cancellation fee.

    This fee can be used as a deposit towards a future experience within 6 months. Cancellation without at least 72 hours notice will be charged 25% of the fee for the scheduled time. This fee will need to be paid within one week of our set appointment and before I will confirm an appointment with you again. Since I am very exclusive about who I see, cancellations have a big impact and I appreciate your understanding in this regard. 


  • Be freshly showered and have fresh breath. Shower and mouthwash are available. Cologne and extensive grooming are not necessary. I'm an au natural girl and don't need an overly manicured lawn to feel sexy. 

  • Please arrive sober. We can share a glass of wine or other drink with 3 hrs or longer together. Ask me about incorporating CBD into the massage or our time together. 

  • Please do not arrive early for your appointment. 

  • When you arrive at my location, please call me before coming up to make sure I'm ready for you. 

  • Always be discreet. Our privacy is paramount. You may call me Amber or Melissa which is a title for a Magdalene Priestess of Aphrodite.  


  • Treat me like a Lady. I will treat you like a King. 

  • Let me lead the experience. It's better that way, I promise!

  • If you arrive wasted, do anything non-consensual or push my boundaries after I have already said no to a request, I will ask you to leave and the donation will not be refunded.

    Unfortunately,  I have encountered more substance abuse and inappropriate behavior since the pandemic began and I will not tolerate it as it impacts my ability to be present for the majority of my patrons who are considerate and respectful. 


  • Please note my courtship donation should not be discussed and should be visually placed upon meeting (in a card, book, or gift bag if we are meeting in public).

  • Please do not  be on the phone or texting during our time together. If you must be on call or check your phone for work that is understandable. 

  • Please be considerate of my time. I always leave cushion time around my appointments and if we go more than a half hour over I will expect you to contribute $100 additional. I will check in with you at the agreed upon time and let you know if we're more than a half hour over. If you stay longer, I will expect a donation of at least $100 additional. 


  • If you’d be willing to give my coaching business a 5 star review on Yelp, let me know and I will give you that information. Please share your written review with me before posting it online and I will credit you $100 towards the next time we get together.

  • If you would like to progress in your Sexual Mastery and build our connection, please come back to see me within a month or consider doing a Men’s Sexual Mastery Coaching Course with me with VIP days. 


Things to NOT do:

  • Do not suggest any behavior that is unsafe. 

  • Do not ask about services. I offer my time & companionship only.

  • Do not use explicit language, send a nude photo, be vulgar or rude or you will be ignored and blocked immediately.

  • Do not ask for photos. There are plenty on my website. 

Thank you for your care for my happiness and pleasure! I'm looking forward to an incredible time together.


Melissa St. Mari