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Top Shelf Coaching and 
Tantra Training Investment

Sex expert Amber St. Germain

“It was as if she possessed a powerful source of light within her, a light that emanated not from her beauty alone but also from what she knew.”

- Excerpt from The Book of The Courtesans; A Catalogue of Their Virtues by Susan Griffin 

Travel- I can drive to you most places in North and South Carolina as well as Georgia when in Asheville

and Florida when in Orlando or

Fly Me To You! 

A deposit of at least $500 will be required.

I am based in Asheville and winter in Orlando and travel there for a week a month spring through fall. 

Virtual Live Video Private Coaching  Introductory Sexual Confidence Strategy Secure Zoom Call With Amber

 60-90 min video call $375

Curious? Reserve here.

Please Note-

I am a High Quality Tantra Coach and I have an Exclusive Clientele and see Select Patrons Only. My rates allow me to be an effective, authentic and powerful coach.

I love having the opportunity for us to get to know each other online in a private and secure coaching container as well as during fun pampering VIP days in person! 

I also offer a 3 month Sexual Confidence Coaching Series so you can experience the real lasting benefits of working with me including  never having to experience sexual dysfunction or prostate issues so common for men in midlife and beyond while also becoming a master lover and sexual healer who can help any woman become multi-orgasmic! Now that would boost any man's confidence!

You Deserve The Best In Sex Therapy And Tantra Coaching. I Can Take You Higher! 

VIP Sexual Confidence and Mastery Classes In Person 

Adept Tantra Training

Begin Your Journey to Sexual Confidence and Mastery

for Vitality, Virility and Prostate Health For Life and

Become a Master Lover and Sexual Healer! 

Can be done over 3 months of coaching

or a weekend in person. 

Couples love my Tantra Retreats! 

$5-10k ~ 3-5 Masterclasses

To reserve, please use my booking form.

Divine Romance 

VIP Coaching

The 2 Hr Brief Introduction ~ 2k

The 3 Hr Proper Introduction ~ 3K

Timeless Visits To Paradise- My Favorites!

Half Day Off The Clock ~ 4k

Full Day ~ 8K

Weekend ~ 10K

(Also available during the week) 

To reserve, please use my booking form.

Embody Your King and Claim Your Sexual Power!  Sexual and Relationship Confidence Courses

Embody Your King and Claim Your Sexual Power 

Confidence Coaching Course with VIP Days!

12 Weeks ~ 7k 

One On One Live Video Course With Yours Truly

This course includes live video calls with me via my private secure zoom platform tailored to your desires, needs and goals as well as exclusive private video content of yours truly and written course material created by me and guaranteed to give you sexual confidence to be more successful with women and to have more charisma, purpose and success in your life. 

Plus you will learn techniques in person with me to master your sexual energy, become full body multiorgasmic and help any woman become full body multiorgasmic as well. We will also end our journey with a decadent Tantra Initiation Experience Graduation Ritual!

Embody Your King and Claim Your Sexual Power! 

Sexual Confidence Online Coaching Course!

12 Weeks ~ $3,500 (This 1K discounted special price

won't last forever!) 

One-on-One Live Private Video Course
With Yours Truly

This course includes everything above except

in person VIP days. 

A brief twenty minute complimentary phone call scheduled ahead can be included with deposit!

If you are specifically interested in my Embody Your King and Claim Your Sexual Power and Confidence Coaching Course I can offer you a 60-90 min initial phone or secure video zoom Sexual Mastery Strategy "First Date" Call with me for $375 with a minimum $100 deposit so we can get to know each other and see if you are a good fit for this high level course in sexual and relationship mastery. If so, I will tell you more about it and if not I will still point you in the right direction with an expert assessment of your challenges, desires and goals with recommendations.

For Couples Only

With my husband Chris, I offer Tantric Coaching for couples including private retreats tailored specifically to your needs as a couple. We offer a curriculum of progressive tantric experiences and initiations that build upon each other and take you both deeper into intimate connection with each other and activate your full potential as tantric lovers and fully ecstatic and orgasmic individuals. 

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