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Articles on Sexual Mastery

Table of Contents

Tantra 101

"Sexual Dysfunction in men including Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation,
prostate issues, and porn addiction"


"Natural Supplements for increased Male Virility and Stamina"

"Practicing Sex Magic Together"

"Men: Learn to have Multiple Orgasms!"


Advanced Practices

"Home Play - Mastering Your Sexual Energy"

"Ejaculatory Choice or Orgasmic Mastery?"

"Easy to Follow Guide to Giving an Ecstatic 
and Healing Vulva Massage"

Further Reading

"The Sexual Priestess" 
This is an in depth article that offers  

a historical perspective. Excerpt below.

The Sexual Priestess can be seen as an aspect of a man’s anima, the internal feminine, muse and avatar of spirituality and gentle eroticism. To connect with her energy modifies a man’s image, of himself as well as of women. The Sexual Priestess within brings a man joy, laughter, beauty and an openness to love and sexuality and connects him also to creative impulses on all levels, pouring across boundaries to rejuvenate all of life.

Yet, the Sexual Priestess is powerfully attractive as an archetype. The dancer in the temple, she who smiles; golden-limbed, smelling of honey, generous with sexual pleasure shot through with spiritual ecstasy: She holds us in her arms, takes us through dark places into light; she leads us out of ourselves, into better, stronger versions of who we could be.   Read full article >

Sex Coach Amber St. Germain
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